Feel the sense of made in Italy


“It requires taste and passion to create beautiful objects. As much as for a good wine as for good (and beautiful) belts”

Taste and passion, necessary ingredients.

An object that is worn should be an expression of the taste of the person who chose it, and even before this, an expression of the passion of the those who created it. This is the passion we apply to our work every day, from before the belts begin treatment up to the moment the hand crafted belts are placed in their packaging. Care for detail is put into each step of the process, from the creation of the leather to the selection of the accessories.


“Elegance is natural, even when it is on a canvas”

Elegant, naturally, but not by chance

Of course style is a goal, an objective, but it is also a method, a way to feel and make things. We make belts, belts for prestigious brands and top names. We make them with elegance, in order to provide elegance and class to those wearing them, to make them feel part of a world, the world of the brand name commissioning those products. Our products are comforting and comfortable, delicate just like something that envelops, yet supports at the same time, to be fashionable and feel good.


“Quality does not live everywhere: finding it is a matter of tact. And to offer quality you need to feel it inside of you”

We are speaking of that character that we place in the work we do, the character of people expressing artisanal dedication to their work.

We are children of certain traditions, especially attention to details, which has always been typical of the land where we operate, and continue to produce belts following the path laid out by this tradition. It is our trademark, actually, even more it is part of how we create, our way of being.


All scents have an origin and fill a space.

We create products that diffuse themselves in a thousand directions

The scent of something good expands into a room and we appreciate it, we breathe in deeply and enjoy it.

In the same way our product, our belts, reach everywhere throughout the world, brought there by our ambassadors, the brands we work for, and granting those that are wearing them throughout the five continents, the sensation of quality we attempt to infuse in each and every piece exiting our workshops. We are proud of this and so are those we have called ambassadors, the top names that choose us to embody their prestige in the global market.



“To create a perfect sound it requires top choice raw materials and great craftsmanship. A belt born from the merging of precious materials and skillful hands”

The raw material is fundamental, just as it is for the extraordinary sound of a violin to eventually be expressed, so it is also true for how a stylish belt is made.

It is through the artisans’ wisdom and the hands skill that each part adds value to the final pieces existence. From choosing the cut direction, specific treatments required to make it both soft and resistant, finishings that make it more desirable, and an accomplished processing in order to preserve its beauty.

A joyful merging, both natural quality and an ability born out of experience, uniting to create a unique product, even when it appears the same as another one.