Feel the sense of made in Italy


I have always had this dream inside. And I continue to dream

You need to have it inside of you, to be able to do this work. Marco Parisi started when he was fifteen years old and working on belts was a purely artisanal process: this brought about a unique product, each different from another. Marco has seen the trade evolve over time, becoming an industrialized product. However, he continues to make his in the same spirit and with the same attention to detail applied to every belt, as taught by his mentors.


L'esprimersi attraverso la pelle è la nostra arte

Made in Italy

Taste / Admire / Touch / Inspire / Listen

“It requires taste and passion to create beautiful objects. As much as for a good wine as for good (and beautiful) belts” Taste and passion, necessary ingredients. An object that is worn should be an expression of the taste of the person who chose it, and even before this, an expression of the passion of the those who created it. This is the passion we apply to our work every day, from before the belts begin treatment up to the moment the hand crafted belts are placed in their packaging. Care for detail is put into each step of the process, from the creation of the leather to the selection of the accessories.